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Equipment OEM Builds and Remanufacturing

IIS offers a range of newly manufactured equipment to complete remanufactures of used equipment.  Both builds come complete with new electronics and controls, customized industrial programming and user interfacing, and an IIS provided limited warranty on parts and service.

Industrial Troubleshooting and Programming

Our engineers and technicians will troubleshoot your mechanical, electrical, control system, and programming issues of our or other manufacturers' equipment over the phone, internet, or onsite.  Our programming engineers are familiar with system controls ranging from PLC to PC based controls logics.

Industrial Programming and Software

IIS programming and software engineers can provide software products ranging from individual machine controls, industrial robotics controls, CNC controls, and software to integrate multiple shop machines and office data centers.

Customized Industrial Automation

Old or manual equipment can be completely upgraded and automated to increase your productivity and capacity at a potential cost savings over new equipment.  We offer the ability to automate individual pieces of equipment or entire production lines.  Our engineers can work directly with your company to produce custom solutions that meet your current and planned future needs. 

3-Dimensional Design and Engineering

IIS offers mechanical, electrical, and programming design engineering services.  IIS offers three dimensional CAD engineering via Autodesk or Solidworks software products.  Programming and electrical engineering design may be provided upon formal request.

Custom Fabrication

IIS will custom fabricate individual parts, parts assemblies, or complete finish machined and assembled pieces of customer equipment.  Welding, grinding, and assembly services are all available separately or combined as packaged services.

Custom Machining

Our machine shop provides a large variety of parts cutting and milling services.  Equipment available includes CNC mills and lathes, manual mills and lathes, grinders, saws, a planar, and a waterjet machining center.  Our skilled machinists can produce parts manually from your prints or through one of our automated machines via computer loaded prints.  IIS' current lathe capacities include up to a 56 inch diameter by 40 inch length and up to a 27 inch diameter by 96 inch length.  Our planer capacities include up to 60 inch height by 60 inch width by 25 foot length.

Waterjet Machining

A unique service IIS offers is waterjet machining.  Our waterjet is capable of cutting virtually any material.  An array of materials that can be cut on our waterjet include but are not limited to stone, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, composite, or rubber.